May 8, 2009

Miss Massachusetts volunteers at her local MS Walk

Camryn Kruger, the National American Miss Massachusetts Jr. Pre-Teen Queen shared some pictures with us from the recent MS walk that she volunteered at. This is what Camryn's mother had to say about the fun event:

"Cammie and her brother we're both greeter's at the front door. They welcomed everyone to the event! Camryn went to this function not knowing anyone there or not knowing anyone with MS. She just wanted to help out and make a difference - by spreading her smile maybe she could make someone else's day. Well the day went great, not only do they want her to come back next year (they named her "Miss Greeter") she was able to make a difference by giving her support to the MS cause.

She was surprised to see that somebody from her dance team was living with MS - you never know what's going on in other people's lives so it's always a good thing to be a positive role model which NAM has helped Camryn become!! She said that just because she won the crown that doesn't mean she put her feet up and do nothing, she needs to get out there and make someone else happy too!! Thanks to National American Miss Camryn has had many opportunity's to make a difference! NAM is and always will be a part of Camryn's life and she plans to keep passing on her smile!!!"

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