April 20, 2009

Namiss Queens at Busch Gardens Europe

Thank you to the Duvall family for e-mailing over these great pictures from a recent get together they had for National American Miss royalty. To say that the Duvall's have been a big part of Namiss in VA almost isn't saying enough! Claire is the current VA Jr. Preteen, former Princess Queen; Grace has been a NAM girl for five years now, and Lydia is competing for the first time in Princess this summer. Mom recounted the day for us:

On Saturday, April 18, National American Miss royalty from Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia enjoyed an amazing time at Busch Gardens Europe. The beautiful park reminded VA Preteen Olivia Jimenez of the awesome time she had at Disneyland last November during nationals. The girls enjoyed riding roller coasters and meeting world-class Irish step dancers from the famed "Emerald Beat" show.
While at the park, the girls ran into scores of people asking about the crowns, banners, and National American Miss. The joy on the girls faces was a great witness to others about the tremendous fun and opportunities the girls have received as part of the NAM family.
The girls had so much fun together, they decided to continue the party with an impromptu bar-b-que at VA Jr. Preteen Claire Duval's home in Williamsburg. Barbara Martinez relayed a mom's point of view about the day. "It's so wonderful the way the older queens set such a great example for the younger ones. My daughter Nya (Maryland Princess Queen) adores Delesia Watson, Virginia Teen Queen. Delesia always takes the time to answer Nya's questions with a bright smile and upbeat attitude."

The girls were blessed to have beautiful weather to match the sweet spirit of the day. All the girls were given FREE entry to the park. Thanks to NAM for the opportunity to have such a great time.

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  1. BreannaNicoleApril 24, 2009

    Ohh my:D
    I can see Olivia's face in my mind as she won the title this past summer! Beautiful girl, so glad to place 3rd runner up to her:]