April 14, 2009

NAM Miss CA Speaking at the Walnut Family Festival

Your National American Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, Emily Michelle-Honng, sent me some more great pictures from her activities! These shots are of her attending the City of Walnut Family Festival and Parade. She was the guest of honor and was treated like a royal queen!

In these pictures you can see her being introduced and interviewed at the festival. Her mom said "she talked about how National American Miss has helped her gain public speaking skills, self-confidence, and community service opportunities. Emily was awarded with a certificate representing NAMiss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen at the event. She has lots of fun as a NAM pageant ambassador. We are very proud of her poise and sweet charming personality at these public appearance functions."
The neatest thing about this for me is that Emily is only a Jr. Pre-Teen queen and has got to be one of the most active representatives of National American Miss. Here she goes again up in front of a large crowd speaking in the microphone on stage. This young lady is going to go far in life!

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