April 29, 2009

National American Miss California Royalty having fun at the Open Call

Any time we can find an excuse to get our National American Miss girls together the always have a blast! Here is a picture with 4 of my California Queens & Cover Girls at the Open Call back in March.

When these girls see a photographer and back drop they just can't stay away! I hope you will join us for our next event. You can get dates and information on National American Miss Pageants in every state at www.namiss.com/findyourstate.

Check out the National American Miss Prizes & Awards page at http://www.namiss.com/prizesandawards/

April 28, 2009

Miss Virginia gets a part in Nickelodeon's Blues Clues Play

Your National American Miss Virginia Princess, Elainey Bass, will be featured in Nick's Blues Clues musical play May 8th-10th at the Nauticus Museum in Downtown Norfolk, VA. She has been accepted into the Hurrah Players Theatre Company where she recently auditioned for the first time to perform in a major musical and she got the part!!

Elainey's mom says that "Director Hugh Copeland is very excited to have Elainey on board. Everyone please keep her in your prayers as she continues to reach for the stars!"

You bet, we are all proud of Elainey. It's not very often that you get the FIRST part that you try out for! Great job Elainey, keep us posted with pictures ones the play starts.

April 27, 2009

Miss Michigan, Miss Virginia and Miss Maryland get a NAM group together for the weekend

Like I've said before, the National American Miss program is about so much more than just what we do on pageant weekend, it's about the friendships and life skills that these girls take home. Check out these pictures that I received from one of our NAM families out in Virginia. Namiss royalty from Maryland, Michigan and Virginia got together for a fun weekend.

Friday night the VA queens enjoyed helping with a Call-Back training session for new contestants and their families in Norfolk, Virginia. After meeting some great friends from across Virginia, the girls headed out to a late night dinner to visit. "Keeping up with pageant friends is so much fun!" says Natalie Duval, mother of 3 NAM girls.
At the end of the day, everyone headed to VA Jr. Pre-teen Claire Duval's home in Williamsburg for an impromptu bar-b-que. They all said it was a great way to end a special weekend with NAM family and friends. Jayle Caprara, mother of MI Jr. Preteen Queen, summed it up this way, "The friendships National American Miss helps to cultivate is incredible. Mackenzie is having such a great year. I am so grateful she was able to spend the weekend with her sister queens."

Thank you to the Duval's for hosting as well as for sharing the pictures with us for the blog. Natalie gave me a run-down on the pictures as well:

Picture #1: Everyone is all smiles after the Norfolk, VA NAM workshop: Pageant director Lew Schneider, VA Teen Queen Delesia Watson, VA Jr. Teen Queen Johanna King, Workshop Wonderwoman Chelsea McGuinness, and on the floor in front (ready for bed) are Michigan Jr. Preteen Mackenzie Caprara, VA Jr. Preteen Claire Duval, and sister and NAM alumnus Grace Duval.

Picture #2: Girls just wanna have fun! A silly late night stop at Friendly's with NAM friends.

Picture #3: The girls didn't want the day to end so everyone came back to Claire's house for dinner!

April 25, 2009

National American Miss Michigan visits Nancy Grace and Jersey Boys in NYC

Last week I received a great e-mail from Jayle Caprara, mother of Mackenzie, your National American Miss Michigan Jr. Pre-Teen Queen. They traveled up to Virginia to spend time with another NAM Family and took a few days to stop in the big apply, New York City. Here are some pictures and recap from Jayle of their trip:

"On our way to Williamsburg, VA, to join in the festivities with our Virginia NAM family, we stopped in New York City for 5 days where Mackenzie and her mom and dad got to visit the CNN set of Nancy Grace and tell her about all our work to help bring about foster care awareness and helping other children in foster care. Mackenzie, our beautiful Michigan Jr. Pre-Teen Queen was our miracle baby adopted through foster care at 17 months of age. We have participated in the making of an inspirational video to help bring foster care awareness into the faith based communities!
Then we went to see Jersey Boys on Broadway where our friend and dance studio alumnus Bridgette Berger plays the lead female role! We got to go backstage and tour and meet some of the cast members! Then it was off to Virginia to spend a week with our beloved friends, the Duvals. We send out our love to all of our NAM family across the country and can't wait until Nationals 2010!!!"

April 23, 2009

Miss CA USA, Carrie Prejean, is feeling the heat over her answer at Miss USA. She needs our support!

As you are undoubtedly aware, Miss CA USA, Carrie Prejean, has created quite a stir with her answer to the on-stage interview question during the Miss USA telecast earlier this week. Let me start by saying, as the Director of the Miss California pageant for this system, National American Miss, I am exceedingly proud of Carrie Prejean for staying true to her personal beliefs when answering the question. She is a role model for young women, with all different beliefs, all across our great country.

For those of you who missed the telecast, here is a video of her question:

As anyone associated with pageantry knows, contestants are not supposed to be judged on their opinions stated in an answer but instead simply on the way they answered the question. In this case, Carrie Prejean was asked a controversial question about gay marriage and has been vilified not only by some of the judges in the pageant, but more importantly, by her own state directors from the Miss CA USA pageant.

In her answer, Carrie was careful to say that she means no offense to anyone out there, but this is what she believes. After all, that is what the question asked was it not? Here is a quote from one of the State Directors for Miss CA USA:

“As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman,” wrote Keith Lewis on Hilton’s blog. “Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.”

A simple google search will bring up the many different blogs with many different opinions on this topic. One that I found that sums up my opinion was the following:

"Whether we agree with Prejean, President Obama and Elton John or not, there is one thing we should all agree upon: All Americans deserve the right to debate issues and disagree with each other without threats, intimidation or ad hominem attacks. — Those who want to convince their fellow citizens about the rightness of their cause can best accomplish that by convincing, not shaming them, into agreeing with them."

On another note, my wife had an opportunity to sit and interview Carrie earlier this week through her job at Inside Edition. Here are two pictures from the interview and a link to the Inside Edition website where you can read about the interview: http://www.insideedition.com/news.aspx?storyID=2861

I encourage girls in my program to not be afraid to stand up for your beliefs. To all of my wonderful representatives for the National American Miss California Pageant, you have my support. I believe in the people we have representing National American Miss all across the country, regardless of whether or not we agree on every different topic.

It's the freedom of choice that makes America such a great country and I will always work hard to make sure National American Miss follows suit.

April 20, 2009

Namiss Queens at Busch Gardens Europe

Thank you to the Duvall family for e-mailing over these great pictures from a recent get together they had for National American Miss royalty. To say that the Duvall's have been a big part of Namiss in VA almost isn't saying enough! Claire is the current VA Jr. Preteen, former Princess Queen; Grace has been a NAM girl for five years now, and Lydia is competing for the first time in Princess this summer. Mom recounted the day for us:

On Saturday, April 18, National American Miss royalty from Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia enjoyed an amazing time at Busch Gardens Europe. The beautiful park reminded VA Preteen Olivia Jimenez of the awesome time she had at Disneyland last November during nationals. The girls enjoyed riding roller coasters and meeting world-class Irish step dancers from the famed "Emerald Beat" show.
While at the park, the girls ran into scores of people asking about the crowns, banners, and National American Miss. The joy on the girls faces was a great witness to others about the tremendous fun and opportunities the girls have received as part of the NAM family.
The girls had so much fun together, they decided to continue the party with an impromptu bar-b-que at VA Jr. Preteen Claire Duval's home in Williamsburg. Barbara Martinez relayed a mom's point of view about the day. "It's so wonderful the way the older queens set such a great example for the younger ones. My daughter Nya (Maryland Princess Queen) adores Delesia Watson, Virginia Teen Queen. Delesia always takes the time to answer Nya's questions with a bright smile and upbeat attitude."

The girls were blessed to have beautiful weather to match the sweet spirit of the day. All the girls were given FREE entry to the park. Thanks to NAM for the opportunity to have such a great time.

April 17, 2009

Filming the video about our National All-American Miss Pre-Teen Queen from Washington State

It's that time of year again, time for National American Miss to start putting together video's for each of our National Queens. First up, Nicole Renard, your National All-American Miss Pre-Teen Queen from Washington. Here are some pic's from all the activities that took place Thursday of this week.

I you don't know Nicole, let me tell you, that girl is crazy fun! So much energy, such a wonderful person and really just a plain goof ball! (I still use some of the jokes I learned from her) Nicole's mom e-mailed and said that "Nicole had so much fun! We went to her school, the park, down by the river, Starbucks and Dance. I am exhausted! Mike and Chris are so much fun! Thanks again for the opportunity. It is such a joy to be a part of this organization."

Mike & Chris from Texas Digital Studios, travel the country each year to visit the hometown of each National American Miss national queen to put together a short video all about who they are. The video's are always great and the girls are just amazing people. That is Nicole's sister Victoria in the pictures. Here are some links to some of last years video's to give you an idea of what the finished products will look like:

April 15, 2009

Miss America and the National American Miss annual National Queens photoshoot

Every year the new group of National Queens from each age division of National American Miss get together for a number of events. Two of my favorites are the annual trip to the Miss America pageant and the photoshoot that we host at our National Office in Houston, TX.

The Harrar family forward me a few of their pictures from both events. Their daughters, Morgan - National American Miss Princess queen and Holly - Pennsylvania Junior Teen Queen, have been making the most of their titles all year long.
A few posts ago I had some pictures of Morgan from when she modeled in an American Girl Fashion Show to benefit the Junior League of Lehigh Valley. Enjoy the pictures everyone!

April 14, 2009

NAM Miss CA Speaking at the Walnut Family Festival

Your National American Miss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, Emily Michelle-Honng, sent me some more great pictures from her activities! These shots are of her attending the City of Walnut Family Festival and Parade. She was the guest of honor and was treated like a royal queen!

In these pictures you can see her being introduced and interviewed at the festival. Her mom said "she talked about how National American Miss has helped her gain public speaking skills, self-confidence, and community service opportunities. Emily was awarded with a certificate representing NAMiss California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen at the event. She has lots of fun as a NAM pageant ambassador. We are very proud of her poise and sweet charming personality at these public appearance functions."
The neatest thing about this for me is that Emily is only a Jr. Pre-Teen queen and has got to be one of the most active representatives of National American Miss. Here she goes again up in front of a large crowd speaking in the microphone on stage. This young lady is going to go far in life!

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter from Namiss

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Remember the reason for the season, He is risen.

Here are some great pictures of Nicole Renard, your National All-American Pre-Teen Queen, where she volunteered at the Kennewick City Easter Egg hunt. Thanks Nicole for giving National American Miss a presense there at the event.

Have a great day everyone!

April 10, 2009

National American Miss Queen volunteers at the Senior Center

Our super star community service Queen from California, Emily Michelle Honng, is at it again. Emily is your reigning National American Miss Southern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen. Here are pictures from a recent event put together through the new City of Pomona Community Service Department at their Senior Center.

This is what Volunteer & Youth Programs Coordinator, Danny Vong said about Emily:

"She is an amazing young lady with many talents. In such a young age, she has greatly demonstrated her leadership abilities and was able to communicate effectively with the staff, youth and seniors participants.

She showcases her talents by dancing, singing, and playing piano. Her performance was amazing and the seniors loved it. Volunteers are a true asset to our programs and Emily's example will inspire others to do the same"

Here is what Emily said:

"My favorite community service is spending time with seniors at nursing homes and the community center. I love to see their smiles and joy they have when I visit them to sing, dance, and play piano"

Pretty cool Emily. My favorite is the picture of her standing up in front of the room with the microphone and delivering a speech. That is a perfect example of the skills we teach through the Namiss program - it's great to see Emily out there making the most of her skills and her title. Keep up the good work Emily - more activities coming soon!

April 9, 2009

Two queens donate to "Dress for Success"

Dasia Clark, National American Miss Illinois Pre-Teen Cover Girl and Brianna Lewis, National American Miss All-American Princess, participated in the non-profit organization, Dress For Success, annual 'One Suit Weekend' on February 19th-22nd. The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Dasia's mom e-mailed me and shared that "Dasia and Brianna were determined to collect suits to help enable another individual to reach for their dreams, just as many others have helped them to do. After all of their hard work and determination Dasia and Brianna collected 25 suits for the organization and two huge bags full of shoes, skirts, and blouses. The suits were collected by one of our local 'Dressbarn' stores (Dressbarn is a sponsor and drop-off agent). The Dressbarn store manager, Dasia, and Brianna are shown in the attached pictures along with some of the suits that they donated."

Nice work ladies! For more information about the organization, visit their website: http://www.dressforsuccess.org/

April 7, 2009

National Queen at the American Girl Fashion Show

Check out some fun pictures of Morgan, your National American Miss Princess Queen. She recently modeled in an American Girl Fashion Show to benefit the Junior League of Lehigh Valley. Here's a picture of her by the table as well as on stage where the fashion show took place.
On top is a photo of Morgan with A.J. Feeley, backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. She met and spoke to him in the Philadelphia Airport on the way to Las Vegas for the Miss American Pageant. Thanks for sharing Morgan!

April 6, 2009

NAM Miss California voluteering with Toys-for-Tots

You are going to start seeing quite a few pictures and write-ups about our current National American Miss Southern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Emily Michelle Honng. This young lady is amazing! She has done more activities and is involved with more charities than almost anyone else I know - and she is only 9 years old. I think I have enough pictures from activities she has done to fill up 20 blog entries!

These pictures show Emily teaming up with firefighters, marines, and the police department to help with various toy drives at her school, the fire station, Knotts' Berry Farm and a few other locations. She is part of the collective effort to donate books and toys for needy children.

Emily got involved and started helping with these local Toys For Tots drives after she was crowned State Cover Girl in 2007 and have been doing it for the last two years. Her mom told me that the NAMiss pageant has opened up Emily's awareness of community service opportunity. Emily said, "Every year I look forward to spending the day with firefighters, marines, and police on working together for a very good cause. I love to spread the holiday spirit to needy families."

Seeing our girls out there volunteering on their own initiative for no other reason that they just want to help out is great. It's stories like this that make me so proud of National American Miss and super proud of Emily and her family!

April 3, 2009

Beauty Queen on a Budget

I recently traveled to Seattle, WA ( my hometown! ) to interview the current Miss WA USA , Tara Turnure. Tara has put her business marketing degree from NorthEastern to work in a very practical way. In these tough economic times, this beautiful young lady is being resourceful and savvy as she prepares for the MISS USA pageant.

She has found numerous local businesses to sponsor her and cut her costs significantly! From hair and make-up to personal training, tanning and clothes, she has covered it all. By persistently calling people and asking for their help, Tara is receiving incredible discounts and sponsorships. Its a great reminder to everyone that with a little creativity and determination, things can happen!

Most importantly, Tara has proved you don't need a lot of money to prepare for Miss USA. She shops at Forever 21 just like the rest of us. It was a pleasure to interview her and her Mom, Terry. I wish her the very best at Miss USA - April 19th in Las Vegas.

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April 1, 2009

Namiss Pageant Queens at Miss America

Our National Office does a lot of great things for all of our royalty every year including setting up a trip to the Miss American Pageant in Las Vegas! Here is a picture of Dawn Lee Costa, National Royalty Coordinator and Lakishia Edwards, Director of Marketing with Julia Gavriliuc, your National American Miss Oregon Jr. Pre-Teen Queen in Vegas.

After the Miss America Pageant a group of National American Miss representatives gathered outside on the steps for this great group shot. All of the girls had a blast watching the pageant together. A few of our girls had even come in from Indiana to support their hometown girl, Katie Stam, who as you remember ended up winning the Miss America title! Talk about making the trip more exciting!
Just another awesome opportunity these young ladies had by being a part of the Namiss pageant system.