March 31, 2009

National American Miss Princess Queen

Here are some pictures from last years National American Miss Princess Queen and her family, Brooke Eddy. They had a blast coming back to the National pageant last year in Anaheim, California and truly made it a family vacation!

From left to right in the first block you can see Brooke with all of her brothers and sisters (so cute!), Brooke on the National Pageant stage welcoming all of the contestants to the "crazy hair" themed rehearsal and Brooke in her black production number outfit getting ready for the beginning of the final pageant.

Top left in the second block you can see Brooke signing autographs during pageant check-in. Her mom made a comment in her e-mail that I thought was really cool; she said "Brooke was treated just like a celebrity. She must have signed a million autographs and had twice as many pictures taken. She just ate it up and never once complained. We were really proud of her."

Clockwise in the rest of the block is Brooke and her mom working check-in, the entire Eddy family in ballroom for the fabulous Thanksgiving banquet and dad taking care of the kids in the pool.

Love the pictures! The Namiss pageant system is all about making each weekend not only a great experience for the contestants but a positive family building weekend as well. Brooke was a great National representative for the pageant.

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