March 9, 2009

Namiss Iowa on the News!

Your National American Miss Iowa, Randina Elsner, was featured yesterday on the news in Cedar Rapids for her work in the local community. Here is a link where you can watch the video:

This is a clip from the written article: "It's not only a special guest that came to read some classics. It's 300 books to add to their library and this Headstart program really needed it, after losing everything in the flood."We raised over 800 books," said Randina Elsner, The National American Miss Iowa. Now this Miss Iowa is reading and distributing them to Olivet and Hayes."Oh it's so fun, they enjoy everything! They enjoy seeing me in my crown and banner. They enjoy me reading to them," said Elsner."

Pretty cool Randina. Just another example of the Namiss Pageant family out there making a difference!

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