March 23, 2009

Namiss Indiana Teen's Radio Show

Check out these pictures of your National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, Mackenzie Klaes, as she hosts her local radio show from her high school. The show is broadcast not only throughout the school but the local community as well. Mackenzie gave me a brief run down of what she does on the show:
"During my radio show, I honor a student at my high school for his or her academic achievement. I try my very hardest to stray away from athletics in order to give recognition to those students who excel in their academics.

I also read the daily announcements over the air so parents are able to hear them as well! Along with a co-host, we talk about things going on at Seymour High School and sometimes even leak breaking news! This has begun to teach me the ins and outs of the broadcasting field that I will be going into in the future, and fulfills my passion for the field."

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