March 4, 2009

Namiss Cover Girl is giving back!

Check out your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Cover girl Jennifer Smith sorting out that HUGE pile of donated comforters! She has been doing many projects since she won her title last July. Namiss is so proud to have representatives like Jennifer that are willing to get out there and give back to their local communities. Way to make a difference Jennifer!

She recently volunteered for the Alameda Walk for Autism, donated coats and volunteered at the Coat & Soup Drive in her local church. In these pictures you see Jennifer helping to sort toys and organize a room full of comforters for the Family Giving Tree organization and that's just the start for this outstanding young lady. :-)

Recently she shot a movie called the Angel’s Soul; she is in the middle of shooting a second movie called "In the Minds of Men" where she has a co-starring role and she will also be shooting some Kung-Fu scenes for a Movie called “Firecracker Girl” in the near future. Can't wait to see wait to see the Kung-Fu scene!

Great job Jennifer, you are setting a great example for all of the other young ladies involved in the National American Miss pageant system.

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