March 16, 2009

Namiss CA Open Call's

Today is the final day of Open Calls out in the Bay Area of California. Tonight we will be up in Sacramento and then headed off to Washington next week. A big thank you to all of our royalty who turned out to meet the prospective state finalists and their families.

The Open Calls are all about answering questions and informing families about the National American Miss pageant system before they sign up or spend a single penny. I have noticed recently a few questions posted out there on blogs from people saying "hey, I got this thing in the mail, is the National American Miss pageant a scam?" Usually there a few responses from someone who has never attended the program and a few from families who have been with us for years.

This is why we do things like the Open Calls! I have been working with this pageant system for many years and know exactly what the program stands for. I also know that there a lot of other programs out there that fall into the "bait-and-switch" category that I hear people talk about. I encourage anyone reading this to do your own research on the company, our history and our track record. Call your local BBB, call the hotels where we hold our events, ask questions. Or better yet, attend one of our FREE Open Call sessions and learn for yourself!

Thank you again to the families that came by to help out with this weekends Open Calls - we continue to spread the word about this awesome program for young ladies all over the country! If we aren't having an Open Call in your area don't worry, you can still sign up through our website,, or just give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and mail you the information.

Have a great day!

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