March 26, 2009

NAM Virginia Jr. Pre-Teen success story!

Every once in-a-while I get such a great e-mail from one of our families that I almost don’t even need to add a word of introduction! Here’s what Claire Duval’s mom shared with us last week from Virginia. You go Claire!

“After winning the title of National American Miss Virginia Junior Pre-Teen, Claire Duval redeemed her scholarship to John Robert Powers in Virginia Beach. She enjoyed her 10-week class there, auditioned for an agent, and was subsequently signed with Hutson Talent Agency in October 2008.

On October 25, 2008, Claire shot her first SAG-scale commercial ad, a political ad shot at Tyson's Corner for the "Affordable Shoe Coalition." The ad initially aired on October 29, 2008 during CNN's Situation Room. Claire is thrilled to be acting and modeling now and earned enough money to buy her four siblings Christmas gifts and save the rest for college. Claire is also advertising on the web and in print for Judy Gibson Photography and Kinderhaus toy store.
She recently finished filming for her first T.V. series, a high-crimes investigative series called "Wicked Attractions." Claire will play Suesan Knorr in season two of the show, which airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Claire is thankful for these exciting opportunities and knows that her involvement with National American Miss helped open these doors.”

The 3 photo’s show Claire filming her first SAG-scale commercial at Tyson's Corner Mall, VA, winning the crown in Reston last July and a shot from one of Claire’s modeling gigs. Pretty cool Claire, so glad we were able to share this with every out there in the NAM community.

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