March 2, 2009

Indiana NAMiss Open Call!

Day two is complete from our Open Calls here in Indiana and we are having a blast! We had three of our reigning queens and the mom's on hand today to talk with all of the families. Thank you to:

Claire Leuking - IN Princess Queen
Anna Garry - IN Pre-Teen Queen
Mackenzie Klaes - IN Teen Queen

The Open Calls have been a great success for families that want to learn about the National American Miss Pageant system. The Open Call is completely free to attend and the girls are having a great time. They get to try out a few different areas of the pageant as well as have a quick professional photo shoot - all for FREE!! Here are a few of the pictures that the girls took at the Open Call.

For the girls that are accepted into the pageant, we will be having a workshop back here in Indianapolis in 4 weeks. At the workshop they will pick up copies of the pictures they took at their photo shoot as well as go through different sessions of a workshop to help prepare them for the pageant.

If you are interested in attending an open call, call our office anytime: 210-558-3360.

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