March 19, 2009

Namiss IN Teen speaks for Breast Cancer Awareness

Here is a picture with a really cool story behind it! This is Mackenzie Klaes, your National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, making a speech about breast cancer awareness.

Mackenzie is a certified Ambassador for the American Cancer Society which means she is able to speak to crowds, meetings, or anywhere else she sees fit to spread facts regarding cancer, how to help, and prevention tips. This is a speech she asked to give at a library for their very first Breast Cancer Awareness day.

Mackenzie said that there was a band playing and survivors speaking, and in her words, "it was very cool :)" No kidding!! That is super cool Mackenzie; that's taking advantage of your title, putting a little effort behind a cause you believe in and getting out there and making a difference. Keep it up and thanks for sharing the picture with us.

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