March 11, 2009

CA Cover Girl's New Modeling Gigs!

I just received some fun news from your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Cover girl Jennifer Smith! Jennifer was invited as a model for the "Beautiful Youth Project", you can find her under models: I've included a few pictures from her first shoot here.

You can read about her first shoot on the photographers blog: Here is a bit of what he said about Jennifer: "Jennifer is a treasure to work with. At eight years old, she's already worked in film and on stage. She evokes a wonderful confidence and one has to agree that her face is wonderfully beautiful and unique. We look forward to many more shoots with Jennifer!"

She also was a model for Dream Costume Designs; a local company out in California that specializes in customize costumes/dresses, she was Cinderella. I've included one of her pictures here for you to see.
It's fun to see our young ladies success! Don't forget that we have Open Calls coming up in the Bay Area and Sacramento this weekend. Click the link on the right side of the blog for more info!

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  1. Melissa and EmilyAugust 14, 2012

    We love you Jennifer!