March 31, 2009

National American Miss Princess Queen

Here are some pictures from last years National American Miss Princess Queen and her family, Brooke Eddy. They had a blast coming back to the National pageant last year in Anaheim, California and truly made it a family vacation!

From left to right in the first block you can see Brooke with all of her brothers and sisters (so cute!), Brooke on the National Pageant stage welcoming all of the contestants to the "crazy hair" themed rehearsal and Brooke in her black production number outfit getting ready for the beginning of the final pageant.

Top left in the second block you can see Brooke signing autographs during pageant check-in. Her mom made a comment in her e-mail that I thought was really cool; she said "Brooke was treated just like a celebrity. She must have signed a million autographs and had twice as many pictures taken. She just ate it up and never once complained. We were really proud of her."

Clockwise in the rest of the block is Brooke and her mom working check-in, the entire Eddy family in ballroom for the fabulous Thanksgiving banquet and dad taking care of the kids in the pool.

Love the pictures! The Namiss pageant system is all about making each weekend not only a great experience for the contestants but a positive family building weekend as well. Brooke was a great National representative for the pageant.

March 29, 2009

Namiss National Pageant winner with her Mustang

Last year at the National American Miss National Pageant in California, the winner from each age division took home a brand-new Ford Mustang!! Here is a picture of Haleigh Willis with her 2008 black Ford mustang - how cool is that!!

Haleigh was your Jr. Teen winner from the NAM Louisiana pageant and went on to win the National Jr. Teen title last November. She has been an outstanding representative for NAM and it's fun to see her enjoying this awesome prize!

This year at Nationals the prize gets one step better because EVERYONE has a chance to win a mustang. There will be a raffle drawing at the National Pageant for the winner. Hope to see you there this Thanksgiving!

For more information, check out

Namiss Virginia Jr. Pre-Teen at Miss America

Claire Duval, National American Miss Virginia Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, met up with the other NAM girls for the Miss America pageant at Planet Hollywood on January 24th.

Claire's mom said that "Claire met several of the Miss America contestants, including our own Miss VA, Miss Iowa, Miss Hawaii, and others. Claire enjoyed visiting with the other girls and doing fun stuff like seeing the animals at the Mirage Zoo, going up the Eiffel Tower in "Paris", and riding a gondola at the Venetian. It was a great time seeing all the girls from nationals again!

The group photo is of the National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen queens that were there from around the country. Each year a large group of Namiss representatives attend the Miss American pageant and just have a blast! Enjoy the pictures and keep an eye out here for more about Claire Duval, she has been a busy young lady this year with her title!

March 27, 2009

Namiss N. CA Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl busy at work!

Jennifer Smith is back again! Your Northern CA Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl has been busy this year. She recently participated in the princess program for the Miss America Organization and got to be a contestant’s escort in the Miss Santa Clara and the Miss San Jose Pageants.

Jennifer's mom said that "one of the memorable
moments for Jennifer was meeting Miss California, Jackie Giest and Miss California Outstanding Teen, Crystal Lee." Here are the pictures of Jennifer with the Queens.

Just before Christmas Jennifer donated coats and volunteered at Coat & Soup Drive in the local church. Here is a great picture of Jennifer in front of a Christmas tree with two big bags of coats to donate! What a great way to make use of your title around the holiday. It makes me smile to see our girls out there giving back. Once again, great job Jennifer!!

March 26, 2009

NAM Virginia Jr. Pre-Teen success story!

Every once in-a-while I get such a great e-mail from one of our families that I almost don’t even need to add a word of introduction! Here’s what Claire Duval’s mom shared with us last week from Virginia. You go Claire!

“After winning the title of National American Miss Virginia Junior Pre-Teen, Claire Duval redeemed her scholarship to John Robert Powers in Virginia Beach. She enjoyed her 10-week class there, auditioned for an agent, and was subsequently signed with Hutson Talent Agency in October 2008.

On October 25, 2008, Claire shot her first SAG-scale commercial ad, a political ad shot at Tyson's Corner for the "Affordable Shoe Coalition." The ad initially aired on October 29, 2008 during CNN's Situation Room. Claire is thrilled to be acting and modeling now and earned enough money to buy her four siblings Christmas gifts and save the rest for college. Claire is also advertising on the web and in print for Judy Gibson Photography and Kinderhaus toy store.
She recently finished filming for her first T.V. series, a high-crimes investigative series called "Wicked Attractions." Claire will play Suesan Knorr in season two of the show, which airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Claire is thankful for these exciting opportunities and knows that her involvement with National American Miss helped open these doors.”

The 3 photo’s show Claire filming her first SAG-scale commercial at Tyson's Corner Mall, VA, winning the crown in Reston last July and a shot from one of Claire’s modeling gigs. Pretty cool Claire, so glad we were able to share this with every out there in the NAM community.

March 25, 2009

Namiss Indiana Queen at Relay for Life

Here is a great story that will pull at your heart strings. Sarah Knight, your National American Miss Indiana Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, formed a team to participate in the local Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Sarah and her entire family participated together. Sarah's mom shared with me the personal connection they have with the organization due the recent loss of a family member after a battle with cancer.
Sarah's mom says "we could not have been more proud as we watched her over the 24 hours of the event as she walked, played, and helped the organizers of the event in anyway she could. It was very emotional to watch her set up the luminaries for the ceremony as she would get tears in her eyes as she read the tributes on the bags that families had written to their lost loved ones. It was truly an amazing family experience and a great way to raise money for the American Cancer Society."

In Sarah's words, "I want to raise money for the Cancer Society so that another child may be spared the pain of losing a loved one like I did."

To Sarah and the Knight family, we are so proud of you for volunteering! Thank you so much for sharing - it's warms my heart to have such wonderful representatives for the National American Miss Pageant system. For anyone out there who isn't sure about us "Pageant People" :-)... eat your heart out! Thanks Sarah!

March 24, 2009

NAM Jr. Pre-Teen on the Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, Kidslife Worship Team!

Kaydianna Davis, your 2009 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen, is part of the Kidslife Worship team at Lakewood church in Houston Texas. Her mom just sent me a few pictures from their first mini concert at Willowcreek Church in Chicago on March 17th during the children's ministry conference. They also launched the groups CD at the conference sold quite a few copies!

Kaydianna's mom says, "Kaydi thinks its pretty cool because she has always wanted to be on a CD and give a concert like the real rock stars.. and she accomplished both in one week. Along with her busy schedule as National Royalty she will also be traveling to different places giving worship concerts. Just goes to show that all things are possible to those who believe!!!"

A couple pictures :

1. Kaydianna during sound check
2. The kids posing by their CD's
3. The kids in their very own Green Room!

For those of you that are not familiar, Lakewood is one of the largest churches in the country and is led by popular author Joel Osteen. Great stuff Kaydianna!

March 23, 2009

Namiss Indiana Teen's Radio Show

Check out these pictures of your National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, Mackenzie Klaes, as she hosts her local radio show from her high school. The show is broadcast not only throughout the school but the local community as well. Mackenzie gave me a brief run down of what she does on the show:
"During my radio show, I honor a student at my high school for his or her academic achievement. I try my very hardest to stray away from athletics in order to give recognition to those students who excel in their academics.

I also read the daily announcements over the air so parents are able to hear them as well! Along with a co-host, we talk about things going on at Seymour High School and sometimes even leak breaking news! This has begun to teach me the ins and outs of the broadcasting field that I will be going into in the future, and fulfills my passion for the field."

March 22, 2009

The Queen Team - fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation

Joy Araujo, your 2006 National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, has quite a story. She endured a kidney transplant at age 17 after nearly a decade of debilitating chronic kidney disease. Joy and her sister have launched the "Queen Team" project to help others who are suffering.

Here is some information about the upcoming event that Joy e-mailed to me: "The Queen Team, formed in 2007, is comprised of current and former pageant girls and for the second year is hosting the annual Queen Team fashion show. This year to raise money for The National Kidney Foundation of Indiana, we are having the fashion show at the Conrad Indianapolis in downtown Indy on May 2nd, 2009. We will have an hors d'oeuvres and champagne reception along with a silent auction that begins at 2:00pm, with the actual fashion show to be from 3:00-4:30pm. Tickets will be $25 purchased in advance and $30 at the door."
If you are interested in attending the event or supporting the cause, check out their website:
Awesome organization Joy, we are so proud of what you are doing.

March 21, 2009

New Blog Feature - NAM girls on the web

Check out the new feature I have added to the blog. On the left side of the screen you will see a listing of links titled "Check out these links to other NAM Girl Sightings on the web!!"

We frequently hear about different posting on the web that are highlighting activities or questions that girls from the program are asking. I usually get 4 or 5 per day e-mailed to me. Starting today, I'm going to post them over here for you to see as well!

Often times there are questions being asked by girls that are preparing for one of the state pageants. If you have a good answer for them, post it! And remember, if you have something that you would like highlighted here on the blog, just shoot me an e-mail.

Have a great weekend everyone!

March 20, 2009

Haley Jewell of Anthem recognized by National American Miss! « All About Anthem

Haley Jewell of Anthem recognized by National American Miss! « All About Anthem

Here's a link to another blog that I found this morning for Haley Jewell, a National American Miss Cover Girl. I thought this picture was great with her buried in all of the stuffed animals that she delivered from pageant weekend!

The post is a great read for anyone thinking about participating in the program. She mentions some of the companies that helped sponsor her for the pageant. Maybe they will give you some great ideas for business to talk to in your local town: "Haley would like to thank several Anthem businesses who sponsored her entry into the state competition. They included Twin Pediatrics, Scrapbooks to Remember, Protégé Music Academy, Dynamic Motion Dance Academy, Coyote Pest Control, Curves, Denise & Debbie at Nu Image Salon, and many friends and family. Haley is a young woman seeking the education and experience to become a leader in tomorrow’s world."

March 19, 2009

Namiss IN Teen speaks for Breast Cancer Awareness

Here is a picture with a really cool story behind it! This is Mackenzie Klaes, your National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, making a speech about breast cancer awareness.

Mackenzie is a certified Ambassador for the American Cancer Society which means she is able to speak to crowds, meetings, or anywhere else she sees fit to spread facts regarding cancer, how to help, and prevention tips. This is a speech she asked to give at a library for their very first Breast Cancer Awareness day.

Mackenzie said that there was a band playing and survivors speaking, and in her words, "it was very cool :)" No kidding!! That is super cool Mackenzie; that's taking advantage of your title, putting a little effort behind a cause you believe in and getting out there and making a difference. Keep it up and thanks for sharing the picture with us.

March 17, 2009

Namiss in Chicago's St. Patrick's day parade!

Happy St. Patrick's day (yesterday) everyone! As you might expect, St. Patrick's day is big day for parades all over the world and no pageant girl can stay away from a good parade! :-)

Brianna Lewis, your 2009 NAM All-American Princess Queen, was part of this great group that had a float in Chicago's parade last weekend. As you can see there were quite a few National American Miss representatives both past and present. They had a float in the parade and had a blast!

Brianna's mom says "the girls, moms, grandmas, cousins and friends had sooo much fun riding the float despite the cold weather! Enjoy! Smiles and Blessings

Couldn't have said it better myself! Smiles and blessings everyone :-)

Bayli Johnson - Namiss CA finalist

Here are some pictures of Bayli Johnston at the 2009 CARE Awards (Child Actor Recognition Event) at the Globe Theatre in Universal Studios where she recently won an award. The event is all about child actors and their families and how it really takes this family unit to be successful in this business.

Bayli's mom wrote and said "It was so much fun for the kids and the parents. Here are a few photos of Bayli walking the red carpet before the awards, talking to the press, and accepting her award. She has been a working actor and model in Hollywood since she as 4 years old, so this was very fun for her and all the kids to be honored!"

Bayli has been a part of the National American Miss Pageant system since 2004. In 2007 she finished 1st runner-up in her age division and most recently in 2008, she made top 10 at both state and nationals as well as took home the Most Promising model and Photogenic titles and finished 3rd runner-up in Casual Wear Modeling at the state program. Great job Bayli - thanks for sharing your activities with the NAM family!

March 16, 2009

Namiss CA Open Call's

Today is the final day of Open Calls out in the Bay Area of California. Tonight we will be up in Sacramento and then headed off to Washington next week. A big thank you to all of our royalty who turned out to meet the prospective state finalists and their families.

The Open Calls are all about answering questions and informing families about the National American Miss pageant system before they sign up or spend a single penny. I have noticed recently a few questions posted out there on blogs from people saying "hey, I got this thing in the mail, is the National American Miss pageant a scam?" Usually there a few responses from someone who has never attended the program and a few from families who have been with us for years.

This is why we do things like the Open Calls! I have been working with this pageant system for many years and know exactly what the program stands for. I also know that there a lot of other programs out there that fall into the "bait-and-switch" category that I hear people talk about. I encourage anyone reading this to do your own research on the company, our history and our track record. Call your local BBB, call the hotels where we hold our events, ask questions. Or better yet, attend one of our FREE Open Call sessions and learn for yourself!

Thank you again to the families that came by to help out with this weekends Open Calls - we continue to spread the word about this awesome program for young ladies all over the country! If we aren't having an Open Call in your area don't worry, you can still sign up through our website,, or just give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and mail you the information.

Have a great day!

March 13, 2009

New Namiss Wallpapers for Your Computer

We just uploaded some new wallpaper graphics to our website,, that are available for anyone to download!

There are a lot of fun things available through our website, especially once you create an account and have access to the resource center. Here is a link directly to our wallpaper graphics:

Above is a sneak peek at what a few of them look like, enjoy!

March 11, 2009

Namiss Teen with Miss America!

Check out your National American Miss Indiana Teen, Mackenzie Klaes, and the recent interview she did with Miss America, Katie Stam!

Katie Stam and Mackenzie happen to be from the same hometown of Seymour, Indiana. Recently Miss America made the trek back home and made an appearance at the local high school; Mackenzie Klaes was on hand to capture the moment!

Mackenzie was chosen to report on Katie's return in the press conference held at the school, and was asked turn a story for the student body. As soon as the story is published I will post it here for you to see.

Mackenzie hosts a local radio show from Seymour; I'm sure she got some air time out of this story! Watch for a future post to learn more about Mackenzie's radio talent :-)

CA Cover Girl's New Modeling Gigs!

I just received some fun news from your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Cover girl Jennifer Smith! Jennifer was invited as a model for the "Beautiful Youth Project", you can find her under models: I've included a few pictures from her first shoot here.

You can read about her first shoot on the photographers blog: Here is a bit of what he said about Jennifer: "Jennifer is a treasure to work with. At eight years old, she's already worked in film and on stage. She evokes a wonderful confidence and one has to agree that her face is wonderfully beautiful and unique. We look forward to many more shoots with Jennifer!"

She also was a model for Dream Costume Designs; a local company out in California that specializes in customize costumes/dresses, she was Cinderella. I've included one of her pictures here for you to see.
It's fun to see our young ladies success! Don't forget that we have Open Calls coming up in the Bay Area and Sacramento this weekend. Click the link on the right side of the blog for more info!

March 9, 2009

Namiss Iowa on the News!

Your National American Miss Iowa, Randina Elsner, was featured yesterday on the news in Cedar Rapids for her work in the local community. Here is a link where you can watch the video:

This is a clip from the written article: "It's not only a special guest that came to read some classics. It's 300 books to add to their library and this Headstart program really needed it, after losing everything in the flood."We raised over 800 books," said Randina Elsner, The National American Miss Iowa. Now this Miss Iowa is reading and distributing them to Olivet and Hayes."Oh it's so fun, they enjoy everything! They enjoy seeing me in my crown and banner. They enjoy me reading to them," said Elsner."

Pretty cool Randina. Just another example of the Namiss Pageant family out there making a difference!

Namiss Indiana Teen, Mackenzie Klaes

Hello everyone! It's Monday and we just returned from sunny California and a great weekend of Open Calls! If you are thinking about signing up for the pageant this year, be sure and come to an Open Call, it's a great way to meet other girls from around the state and to get all of the information about our program for free. Call our office for more information - 210-558-3360.

I received some GREAT pictures from your National American Miss Indiana Teen Queen, Mackenzie Klaes. The first two are from last summer at the BMW Drive for A Cure, a breast cancer event. Mackenzie was able to participate and help a cause that is very dear to her, she says "It was sooo much fun! I was able to speak and even ride in the parade as a special guest. All of these events touch my heart in an extraordinary way."

The third pic is at Riley Children's Hospital where Mackenzie donated the books and bears from pageant weekend to the cancer wing of the hospital. "I was able to talk with some of the patients and put a smile on their face. This was the most heart-warming appearance I have made so far. They are so young, but have accomplished so much in their short lives. They are my hero's."

Remember all of those books and bears that we collect every year at the pageants as a part of our community involvement program? This is an example of where they end up. Great Job!

Mackenzie has been a busy young lady this year already; keep an eye out here for much more on some REALLY cool activities she has participated in, the new radio show that she is hosting and her interview with the new Miss America, Katie Stam!

March 4, 2009

Namiss Cover Girl is giving back!

Check out your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Cover girl Jennifer Smith sorting out that HUGE pile of donated comforters! She has been doing many projects since she won her title last July. Namiss is so proud to have representatives like Jennifer that are willing to get out there and give back to their local communities. Way to make a difference Jennifer!

She recently volunteered for the Alameda Walk for Autism, donated coats and volunteered at the Coat & Soup Drive in her local church. In these pictures you see Jennifer helping to sort toys and organize a room full of comforters for the Family Giving Tree organization and that's just the start for this outstanding young lady. :-)

Recently she shot a movie called the Angel’s Soul; she is in the middle of shooting a second movie called "In the Minds of Men" where she has a co-starring role and she will also be shooting some Kung-Fu scenes for a Movie called “Firecracker Girl” in the near future. Can't wait to see wait to see the Kung-Fu scene!

Great job Jennifer, you are setting a great example for all of the other young ladies involved in the National American Miss pageant system.

Namiss Cover Girl keeping busy!

These pictures have got to make you smile!! Check out your Namiss Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Cover girl Jennifer Smith with that HUGE pile of comforters for the Family Giving Tree! Way to go Jennifer, you set a wonderful example for other young ladies by your willingness to jump in and volunteer your time. You make National American Miss proud!

Jennifer has been doing many projects since she won her title last July. She shot one movie called the Angel’s Soul, is in the middle of shooting a second one in which she is in a co-starring role called “In the Minds of Men”, and she will also be shooting some Kung Fu scenes for a Movie called “Firecracker Girl” in the near future.
Jennifer has volunteered for the Alameda Walk for Autism, donated coats and volunteered at the Coat & Soup Drive in the local church. The two pictures here are from when she helped sort toys and organize a room full of comforters for Family Giving Tree organization.

It's pretty cool to see one of our Cover Girls out there making the most of her title and making a difference in her local community.

March 2, 2009

Indiana NAMiss Open Call!

Day two is complete from our Open Calls here in Indiana and we are having a blast! We had three of our reigning queens and the mom's on hand today to talk with all of the families. Thank you to:

Claire Leuking - IN Princess Queen
Anna Garry - IN Pre-Teen Queen
Mackenzie Klaes - IN Teen Queen

The Open Calls have been a great success for families that want to learn about the National American Miss Pageant system. The Open Call is completely free to attend and the girls are having a great time. They get to try out a few different areas of the pageant as well as have a quick professional photo shoot - all for FREE!! Here are a few of the pictures that the girls took at the Open Call.

For the girls that are accepted into the pageant, we will be having a workshop back here in Indianapolis in 4 weeks. At the workshop they will pick up copies of the pictures they took at their photo shoot as well as go through different sessions of a workshop to help prepare them for the pageant.

If you are interested in attending an open call, call our office anytime: 210-558-3360.