February 10, 2009

Thank you National American Miss

We frequently receive letters in the mail from families who have been in our program letting us know about their experience on pageant weekend. I love reading these letters, it is part of what motivates me to continue producing the best possible shows for National American Miss! This morning I came across a letter from the parents of Sarah Hazen, a contestant in our Southern California pageant last year. Thank you so much for writing!

I really appreciate this letter because she included some constructive criticism on how we can make the program better. Here is what they had to say and 2 pictures that were enclosed:

"Dear Mr. Brian Cournoyer,

Just a note to thank you for all your efforts regarding NAMISS, My husband and I are very serious about being good parents and keeping our little daughter from negative influences in the world. Our world is changing and in many areas not for the better. We have carefully evaluated the NAMISS program with many questions, observations and criticism and we have concluded we support and are thankful to the program for what it teaches. This is a very new thing for our family and we did not experience this new adventure without bumps in the road. I have to teach my daughter about her value as a person from the inside and not focus so much on the outside, but at the same time do not neglect her outward natural beauty. There was so much happening at the pageant it took a while to digest things and I may not have understood this program completely until the end.

I must give you some feedback regarding a song, I believe it was in the princess division, there was a song from High School Musical, "Fabulous." The lyrics went something like this, "I want it all, I want more,".... it was very self serving and self absorbed. My husband heard it and we both agreed there could have been a better song selected. I know that people don't always agree and everyone as individuals need to take responsibility about what we absorb. We would just like to give you some constructive criticism with the song selection in hope that you would reconsider another song.

I believe our daughter learned and experienced a lot of positive things during State and Nationals and we support her in attending another pageant. I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for Sarah to experience things at the pageant, she may not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. I was amazed at how Sarah handled not getting any awards, I think not winning is in itself a valuable thing to experience. Sarah was so gracious that it made me realize how blessed I am to have her as a daughter. So again thank you for the value and the positive things NAMISS brought to Sarah."

I encourage anyone who has been in our program to write. I love hearing from the famlies and take your comments and ideas very seriously. Please also feel free to comment here on the blog. Our program has a lot to compete with out there in the pagenat industry, unfortunately most of it is not very positive. I hear the words "scam" and "beauty pageant" too often sometimes. With your help we can show families that there are programs out there like NAM that truly work hard to encourage and build-up their participants.
I am only a phone call or e-mail away. My personal e-mail is bcournoyer@namiss.com and our office phone is 210-558-3360 if you ever have any feedback or questions. Here's to making National American Miss even better in 2009!!

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