February 2, 2009

National American Miss Press Release

This press release is from a few months back but it is a great example for our other title holders on how you can promote yourself in your local communities. Emily Soloman, the 2008 Southern California Miss Queen, had the following article published in her local paper: http://dailytitan.com/1.754702-1.754702

The article is great! Emily made the most of it by sharing who she is and talking about the goals she has for the program; “If I win the nationals, then my biggest goal will to be working for Alzheimer's,” Soloman said. “I will have a much better platform to spread awareness of Alzheimer's and at the same time be a good pageant representative.”

Her quote at the end of the article says it all for me; “Every day I try hard to be the best version of myself that I can be,” Soloman said.

Now that's the National American Miss spirit! Great job Emily, keep up the hard work.

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