February 18, 2009

National American Miss Pageant Open-Calls

In the right-hand column on this blog I have started listing the Open-Call information for the 2009 National American Miss Pageant season. For those of you that are not familiar, the Open-Calls are informational sessions about the NAMiss pageant system. Basically a time for you come down, meet our team and learn about the program before you ever pay one dime. You may always just visit our website, http://www.namiss.com/ and fill out the online application there but sometimes it is nice for people to get to actually talk with someone, ask questions and really see WHO we are first. Either way works just fine.

If you have been in the program before, there is no need for you to attend the open call sessions. You already know all about the program! Former contestants keep and eye on your mailboxes, our 2009 Homecoming infoformation will be in the mail next week.

I'm only listing open call information for the three states that we direct, Indiana, California and Washington. If you are looking for information on another state, post a comment here and I will get you the information. Thanks everyone!


  1. Will there be an open call for Illinois?

  2. Yes, there will be open calls in Illinois. I'm not sure what the dates will be, I will post a link here as soon as they are available. You may also call the IL office at 816-635-3569.