February 3, 2009

NAMiss National PT serves breakfast

Check out the 2008-2009 National All-American Pre-Teen Queen, Nicole Renard from Kennewick, WA! Last weekend she not only spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday helping at the Family Expo's NAMiss booth taking pictures with local girls, she then got up before church to serve a pancake breakfast to a group of local senior citizens Sunday morning. I only wish I could have been there to have a pancake or two! :-)

If can be so easy to give back, and remember, you don't have to be a National Queen to do it! Great job to Nicole and the Renard family; once again a great example of what National American Miss is all about!

I had the opportunity to have dinner with the Renard family Saturday evening after the Family Expo - something else that they do a great job of is scrapbooking! Talk about capturing the memories! Don't forget to take pictures of all the fun stuff you and your family do; and hey, if you do something cool like serving pancakes to local senior citizens, make sure you send me a copy of the pictures too!

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  1. Way to Go Nicole. You are great. You and Victoria keep up the good work. We love you both. Love Grandma Di & Grandpa Scott (and Buddy too.)