January 28, 2009

NAMiss Challenge of the Day

We are getting ready to head for Washington State tomorrow where our new National All-American Pre-Teen Queen, Nicole Renard, will be performing at the Family Expo in Pasco this coming weekend. National American Miss will have a table set up where we will be taking pictures of Nicole with the girls who attend the expo, should be a lot of fun!

In preparing for the expo I have come across a number of great encouragements for young ladies and thought I would share one with you today. I issue this as the "NAMiss Challenge of the Day" for all of the young ladies reading this blog:

"Today, praise people for what they can do, not just how they look. Compliment a friend today on something other than her appearance."

National American Miss tries so hard to promote who you are as opposed to what you look like. Today it's your turn to share the encouragement with your friends!

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