January 25, 2009

Miss Indiana Katie Stam is the new Miss America!

She did it!! Our hometown girl from Seymour Indiana, Katie Stam won the super bowl of pageantry last night and is the new Miss America! We couldn't be more excited for her; talking with some of our friends who were there at the pageant sitting in the 5th row, they said is was crazy! Katie had such a huge cheering section that made the trip down to Las Vegas. They told me Katie has been fighting a sore throat most of the week and was nervous about making the cut for talent where she sang "Via Dolorosa."


You will remember from my earlier post that she won the preliminary swimsuit competitions so we knew she had a chance of finishing well, but how about taking the whole thing! During the interview portion of the competition she decried the use of performance-enhancing drugs among professional athletes and discussed the definition of glamour.

"That beauty that you feel on the inside, it's that confidence, that radiance inside of you, that's what glamour is," Stam said. Way to go Katie, great answer and congratulations from everyone here at NAM.

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