December 31, 2009

NAM Miss Illinois Royalty works the toy drive for Christmas!

National American Miss Illinois Princess Imani Muse and her sister, Illinois Jr.
Pre-Teen Cover Girl Isis Graham spent their Friday night with the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc at their Annual Toy Drive. The Toy Drive took place at Fuddruckers in Calumet City, Illinois. There were over 275 toys collected to be donated to sick children in Laribida and Children's Memorial Hospital in the Chicago area. Isis & Imani helped donate, collect and pack "Toys for X-mas!" They ended the night by handing out candy canes to children that were in attendance while wishing them a "Merry X-mas!"

December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas NAM Style

And the award for my favorite Christmas card received this year goes to....... The Renard Family in Washington! Nicole just gave up her title as your National Pre-Teen All-American Queen and Victoria just started working as a choreographer for NAM. As you can tell from the picture on the card, the entire family is a lot of fun!

The first picture is of Nicole and myself at the Tri-Cities Family Expo where we had a National American Miss booth last year - we were competing in the flying kangaroo game. For the record, I'm pretty sure I won!

Merry late Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.

December 28, 2009

National American Miss (Meg's Blog)

I clipped this from a contestants NAM Blog - check it out at:
National American Miss (Meg's Blog): "Pageant Season Starts in just a few months

Its official =) The national pageant in California is over and in just a few months state pageants will begin! well let me start with introducing myself. my name is Meg S i have been in the Nam family for over 4 years! i have finished in the top 15 in the pre teen Ohio pageant for the past 3 years, i have won many other awards! i love hanging out with all my Nam sisters and my favorite host joy soprano! i am with my friend Skylar (left)in the picture below. i have done a few commercials for Bobb Webb."

December 22, 2009

NAM National Queens Raising Money for a Good Cause!


Amber Aduja’s (National American Miss Queen 2010) First Lokahi Giving Project Fishnet Drive was very successful. 10 year old Amber, a St. Ann’s Model School 5th grader, coordinated a Lokahi Fishnet Drive and garnered $1312.00 in donations from our Kaneohe community within 4 hours. Her pageant sisters and their moms, her brother and his teammates, and other volunteers, even a couple of passerbyers, chipped in their time for a worthy cause. One woman, who is homeless, tirelessly held the Lokahi Fishnet for over three hours and was willing to hold it for another two hours while the rest of us were breaking down. This was a very touching scenario of goodwill and charity. This is what Lokahi is all about. Our community coming out for our community in need is what “Lokahi” a.k.a. “Unity” is all about.

Amber Aduja has scheduled a second Lokahi Fishnet Donation Drive for December 23rd and she is in need of more volunteers. Come join us. We will have T-shirts, fishnets and refreshments for you. Contact Melodie at 258-8889 or just meet in front of First Hawaiian Bank at the Windward City Shopping Center at 11:30 a.m.

The Lokahi Giving Project in conjunction with Kaneohe resident, Amber Aduja, National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen; former state senator Melodie Aduja; Jadyn Wilderman, Hawaii’s Miss Grand Queen; Rose Marques, Hawaii’s Pre-Teen Miss Queen; New Media Productions; Kaneohe Football and Basketball team players; 12 Step House and its members; and other volunteers will be conducting their 2nd Fishnet Gift and Donation Drive at the Kamehameha and Likelike – Kaneohe Bay Drive intersection fronting Windward City Shopping Center on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are to meet at 11:30 a.m. at the First Hawaiian Bank parking lot.

The Lokahi Giving Project strives to spread the “Lokahi Spirit” (Unity Spirit) with families in need, senior citizens, at-risk teens, children with special needs, and groups who really need some holiday cheer and basic necessities during the Christmas season. Lokahi works in conjunction with non-profits, group homes, shelters and hospitals to refer their most deserving and needy clients to receive Lokahi’s assistance.

The Lokahi Giving Project accepts many types of donated items including new or gently used linens, toiletries, cleaning products, non-perishable foods stuffs, toys, games, clothing and other household items. Gift cards for groceries or department stores are highly desired. Volunteers are in high demand during this time as well. For more information on the Windward City Donation Drive, please contact Melodie Aduja at 258-8889. For more information on the Lokahi Giving Project, please contact Mariellen Jones at 685-7721 or Angela Parker at 685-7333.

December 16, 2009

Miss California Jr. Teen Setting a Solid Example

Now that all of our girls are back home from Nationals over Thanksgiving holiday, they are all getting fired up for the new year and making some great appearances! Over the next few days I have some great pics to share from your NAM Southern California Jr. Teen Queen, Crystal Navarrette.
The first picture if of her visiting the Mayor which she says was the first thing on her agenda after winning the title. She described the next two pictures in her e-mail to me: "I have volunteered and will continue working with the Ronald McDonald House Org., I spent my Halloween setting up a party for the children at the hospital and spending the evening with them."

As Directors we are so proud to see our girls out there making a difference like this. These appearances make a huge impact on the young kids they visit. If you know Crystal you know that she is fantastic role model and exactly the kind of girl we need out there setting an example for others to follow.

December 12, 2009

NAM 2009 National Pageant Results

National American Miss 2009 National Pageant Title Winners

Here are the results of the annual national pageant, held Thanksgiving Week of 2009 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Orange County, in Anaheim, California!

Congratulations to all of the families that qualified to attend the NAMiss National Pageant and to our new National Title Holders!

December 9, 2009

Miss California at the City Council Meeting in Corona, CA

This is a fun video about your Miss California Pre-Teen Queen Taylor Longbrake; her father put it together to play when Taylor will do the pledge of allegiance and sing the National Anthem for the City of Corona at the City Council Meeting this week. Hopefully we will be able to get some pictures after the meeting. Check out the video, go Taylor!!


December 8, 2009

NAM Miss California Princess volunteers at her local Relay for Life

These are great pictrues of Jaylianna Twardecki, your NAM Northern California Princess Queen. Her mom gave me the run down on this great event she volunteered at:

"A few weekends ago, Jaylianna had the opportunity to volunteer at our community Relay for Life. She helped decorate, fill with sand, and line up memory bags along the trail. $10 per bag donations went to the American Cancer Society. It was a really hot day, Jaylianna worked really hard! I was really proud of her :) She learned about helping other people. I learned that even at 5 years old, she can make a difference! I am thankful we found the NAMISS pageant, it has made me realize that even children can get out and help in the community :)"

Very kind words Mom, the credit goes back to you and your amazing daughter! Keep up the good work and great job representing NAM!

December 7, 2009

Miss California 4th-Runner up competes at Nationals

These are some fun pictures from the Doss family out in California of Nationals 2009. The first pic is Jennifer Doss (Miss Clayton; she was 4th runner-up at the NAMiss Northern California Teen Pageant) with fellow California competitors on stage after the 70's theme party. The second picture is with me, your faithful State Director, Brian Cournoyer! Jennifer made it into the NAM Band as the Drummer and performed to Taylor Swifts "Picture to Burn." If you haven't seen the video check it out at:
Note that another CA girl, Southern CA Teen Queen Danielle Walker was the singer in the band! Way to represent CA!
The third picture is Jennifer with two new friends at Nationals as they got ready for Formal Wear. I love the dresses; everyone looked fantastic. Jennifer's Mom Debbie shared an update on what's going on with Jennifer right now:

"Jennifer had a blast being selected as the drummer in the all girl band!! What fun times, hope you guys enjoyed it too? Jennifer is concentrating on her application process to get into UA’s Eller Business School, they only can apply 1x at the beginning of their sophomore year (Feb) and they only select 20-25% of the applicants. Acceptance is judged solely on gpa, interview*, recommendations. Namiss has helped her prepare for this moment in the spotlight and we’re grateful for this!!"
Good luck with the application Jennifer, please let us know how it all turns out! I know you can pull it off, your NAM family is behind you all the way!

December 4, 2009

NAM Car Giveaway at Nationals 2009!!

If you were there, you know how much fun this day was!! At this years National American Miss National Pageant we had the opportunity to give away a brand new, 2010, Ford Mustang convertible! It was so much fun! Every state finalist from the 2009 NAM season was eligible to win, they just had to be there at the show to be a part of the drawing.

Here is the video from the second half of the drawing. We were outside the Hyatt Orange County, just down the road from Disneyland. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day; we gave away the Mustang and then everyone went inside for a fantastic black-tie Thanksgiving banquet. What a day!

Car giveaway Part 1:

Car giveaway Part 2:

December 2, 2009

NAM Miss California pics from Nationals '09

Here are a bunch of great photo's from Kylie Kucinski, your Northern California NAM Teen Queen. She did a great job at Nationals last week; wait until I get a picture of her in her football pads for the Actress competition, it's was pretty cool. :-)

This first pic is of Kylie with our WA Teen Queen Victoria Knight as they get ready for Casual Wear. There are a few pictures of Kylie with Miss Alabama, the two them became fast friends during the week long competition. A great group shot of our California crew in the pink interview suit and yes, that is indeed Snoop Dogg! (or at least a great wax statue of him!)

Not to be left out, that's Ken Cooper getting ready to escort Kylie for formal wear. You all remember Vannie and Sarah Cooper, both former Miss California's for NAM - thanks for being there Coop, you actually look alright once you get cleaned up! :-) The last picture is a fun group shot from the girls day at Disneyland. All-in-all, the week was a huge success!

December 1, 2009

NAM Miss California Pre-Teen Taylor Longbrake at Nationals

Wow, National 2009 was awesome!! Within the next few days we should have all of the event results posted on and available for everyone to see. We are so proud of all the families that were there and in particular the girls from our states! (CA, IN & WA! - great job ladies)

We received some great pictures from the Longbrake family in California. Taylor is our fantastic Southern California NAM Pre-Teen Queen. Taylor pulled off 1st-runner up in the overall pageant-wow! Congratulations one more time Taylor, that is huge!! Check out this picture when it was down to the last two girls and we were waiting to find out who was the winner and who was the first runner-up. Remember that the reigning National Pre-Teen Queen, Tierra Gonzalez-Hammonds was also from Southern California so we almost had back-to-back winners!

The other two pics are the Longbrake family during the Thanksgiving banquet and Taylor at Disneyland; always have to get a good pic from Disney! Enjoy - more nationals pictures and video's in the days to follow.

November 29, 2009

The Breanne and Tiffany Show - live from Nationals 2009

If you haven't been keeping up with our NAM You Tube Channel (Mynamiss), there are some really fun video's that have been posted over this past week. Nationals has been amazing - it's such a pleasure to be here with a program that serves these kids and families so well. Two of the staff here, Breanne Maples and Tiffany Saylor have been putting together their own little "live show" from the pageant, appropriately named, "The Breanne and Tiffany show!"

So far they have done 7 episodes and I thought I would share them with you here. Check 'em out and enjoy!

Episode #1:

Now if you know Breanne and Tiffany, you know they are a little bit fun & crazy! Enjoy the shows and great ready to laugh as you watch their behind the scenes look at the NAM National Pageant. Thanks Breanne and Tiffany!

November 28, 2009

NAM National Pageant Band Hero - Taylor Swifts "Picture to Burn"

And here it is, the third and final Band Hero video from this years Nationals. This is the Teen & Miss NAM Band rocking out to Taylor Swifts "Picture to Burn" These girls had so much fun being a part of the "band" - Nationals rocks!

November 27, 2009

NAM National Pageant Band Hero - Taylor Swifts "You Belong With Me"

Here's the second divisions Band Hero video from the National Pageant. Our NAM band's have been a huge hit and the girls are having a blast!

Check it out and tune in tomorrow for the 3rd and final edition:

November 24, 2009

NAM National Pageant - Band Hero to Taylor Swifts "Love Song"

The 2009-2019 NAM National Pageant is rocking out in Anaheim, California! Check out this video from the end of our Pre-Teen 70's party last night. During pageant check-in we have try-outs for the brand new game "Band Hero". The girl with the top score on each instrument got a spot in the band and the chance to perform during our party at the end of the day. Here's a video of your NAM girls rocking out National American Miss and Band Hero style! The song they played was Taylor Swift's Love Song.

November 18, 2009

NAM Miss California Queens work to end Child Abuse

Check our some of your Miss California Queen's out donating books and bears from the pageant. They visited the Childhelp organization at the Merv Griffin Village and made quite an impression on a group of young ladies. Childhelp is an organization working to end child abuse.
Pictured above are your California Princess Queen Miranda Soong, CA Pre-Teen Queen Taylor Longbrake and CA Teen Queen Danielle Walker.

In case you are not familiar, this is how explains the community service part of our program:

Community Involvement (10% of the overall pageant score)
The Pageant Weekend Community Involvement Project is incredibly fun, easy, and rewarding! A full 10% of your final pageant score will be awarded to your when you donate a children's book or stuffed animal on pageant weekend. The contestants, as a team, will then personally present them at the pageant's final show to representatives of libraries, literacy programs, firefighters, and policemen to aid in their work with children. Together we can make a difference in the lives of others

November 12, 2009

NAM girls raise money for Susan G. Komen

Victoria Knight and Kennedy Miller had a goal to raise $5,000 for Susan G Komen for the Cure. Through their organization "Queens for a Cure", last weekend they raised $10,111.07! Congratulations!

Victoria - 2009 Miss Washington Teen Queen
Kennedy - 2005 Miss Washington Princess Queen

November 9, 2009

Miss Connecticut Queen working to Cure Cancer!

Miss Connecticut Pre Teen, Erika Porras has been a busy girl performing community service since winning her title in August 2009.

The fist picture of Erika is making donations at the Children's festival in Hartford. Erika collected stuff animals and books for inner city children and she donated them to all the children that attended at this community event. Erika donated over 125 bears and stuff animals and over 75 books.

On Sunday October 18th, Erika Porras Miss Connecticut Pre-Teen volunteered for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Hartford, CT. It was a walk to raise money for breast cancer through the American Cancer Society. Erika said "I believe that hope for a world without breast cancer starts with me, that's why I am volunteering for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This is an opportunity to join my community to fight back against breast cancer and also it is a way to inspire hope by raising funds and awareness to help those facing breast cancer and save more lives."

Great job!!

October 19, 2009

Miss California visits the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento

Our fabulous Northern California Teen Queen, Kylie Kucinski is at it again! Saturday she went to the Shriner's Childrens Hospital in Sacramento and delivered some books and bears from the pageant. Kylie's mom gave me the run down: "This hospital deals with children with various issues/injuries where some Shriners specialize in only certain types of cases. Kylie met children who were almost all in wheelchairs...3 little girls with casts on both legs all under the age of 6...who I think after Kylie's visit, their lives were also changed. If you can imagine 3 little girls (who were from Mexico) bouncing up and down in their wheelchairs and giggling and clapping when they saw Kylie in her crown and banner.

There were also a few adolescent boys who joined her at the table to to decorate crowns...and told her stories about their multiple surgeries. You could well imagine the grins on their faces when they got to all individually take pictures with Kylie in spite of their injuries...and then when the pics were printed and Kylie signed them and gave them to all of the kids they were all so excited.

But the one child that Kylie and I both cannot get out of our minds and hearts is a little boy also from Mexico who was burned beyond recognition. He's about 4 I think, and he also had no hands. This little boy also wanted his picture taken with Kylie but only with his mom there too. So mom was in the picture and when I looked over at them being photographed I could see them from behind and that little boy had his arm wrapped around the back of Kylie's was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. When Kylie and I were talking about it later she said he didn't just wrap it around, he was holding on to her tight. He amazed us with what he could do."

Here are some great pics that Kylie sent over - good job girl! I can't help but smile, I just fielded an e-mail from a parent who was convinced that National American Miss is a scam; (granted this parent has never been to a show and never even so much as filled out an application and received any materials in the mail - she has just watched a few too many episodes of Toddlers and Tiara's!) If I could only get that parent to come over here and take 2 minutes to look through this blog. You rock Kylie, this is the stuff that makes NAM different! Keep up the great work.

NAM Maryland Jr. Pre-Teen Queen's Blog

Your National American Miss MD Jr. Pre-Teen 2009 queen, Isabella Giovanna Cowley, has a great blog of her own!! Check it out:

She has a lot of great things going on. Here's one of the fun video's that she has on her blog. It's her Spokesmodel speech from the NAM National Pageant a few years ago:

October 13, 2009

NAM California Finalist lands a Coca-Cola Commercial

This is one talented 12 year old! Bayli "Ray" Johnston from the NAM Northern California pageant, is an accomplished young lady. In 2009 she finished in the top 5 for all of the optional contests at the state pageant, won the "Most Promising Model" award and took 2nd runner-up overall.

She just e-mailed me a link to a new Coca-Cola commercial that she landed; check it out:

For more on Bayli, you can visit her website:

Keep up the good work Bayli, we are proud of you! Oh, and someday when you are a famous movie star, remember that we knew you before you made it big!! :-)

Your new NAM Miss Maryland Jr. Pre-Teen Queen

Isabella Cowley, your new NAM Maryland Junior Preteen Queen, is no stranger to the stage. Along with volunteering, singing, and spending time with her amazing family, she enjoys modeling and acting. Signed with several top NYC talent agencies, Isabella has modeled for ToysRUs,, Hecht's, Sesame Street clothing line, JoJo Kidz, The Bon-Ton, and many others. She has been a principle lead in an MSNBC segment, has also been a principle in a national commercial aired on WE TV and believes her NAM experiences have contributed to her blossoming modeling and acting career.

Mom Stephanie says, "Each year at National American Miss, Isabella grows as a person, not just a NAM girl. I love seeing her comfort level on the stage and in the interview go up each year. This has helped her throughout her young life: in school, modeling, acting and life!" Isabella was the Maryland 2007 Princess Queen and placed 1st runner up in Actress and Spokesmodel at the national pageant. She is thrilled to serve the beautiful state of Maryland again and plans to continue her service work to include raising money for an orphanage in Vietnam for HIV/AIDS-infected children. She also credits NAM with pushing her to make a difference.

Here are two great pictures of Isabella; way to go girl!

NAM Miss Arizona sisters on the local news

Check out this cool video of your Arizona NAM queens on the local news. Get those press releases in the mail girls!

Miss California Pre-Teen sings anthem at the Anaheim Angels playoff game

So we all know how talented our NAM girls are right? Our girls have the confidence to get out there and take chances; to be up on stage and perform. Well how about this one - your Southern California NAM Pre-Teen Queen Taylor Longbrake sang the national anthem last night in front of a sold out crowd at the Anaheim Angels playoff game!!

Here's a pic:

She's been told that if the Angels make it to the World Series they want to have her back to sing again. Way to go Taylor; I've heard her sign numerous times and every time I can't figure out how so much beautiful sound comes out of that little person! :-) We are proud of you Taylor, keep it up!

For more on Taylor, check out her website:

October 12, 2009

Halie Hite - A blessing to all who knew her

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of Halie Hite, your 2004 NAM Indiana Jr. Pre-Teen Queen. Halie was killed last Thursday evening in a car accident. While NAM was only one part of her life, we, and all who knew her, were blessed by the special young lady she was and feel so honored to have had her with the NAM program. Our thoughts, prayers and support go out to the Hite family.

The family has requested in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Northview Band and Guard, 1 Knight Drive, Brazil, 47834.

Here is the write up from the local paper:

Halie Marie Hite Friday, October 9, 2009

Halie Marie Hite, 15, Brazil, died Oct. 8, 2009, at 10:40 p.m., in the St. Vincent Clay Hospital emergency room, following an automobile accident, earlier that evening.

Halie was born Sept. 10, 1994, in Bloomington, the daughter of Anthony Hite and Pam Daugherty Hite.

She attended Meridian grade school and Cornerstone Christian Academy. She was currently a freshman student at Northview High School. Halie took dance lessons since the age of 3 and enjoyed every minute of dance performance. She participated in Miss Indiana, National American Miss Pageants and won several competitions. As a student at North Clay Middle School, Halie participated in Cadet Corp, basketball, track, cross country and was a cheerleader. She had been "drafted" as a seventh-grader into working with the NHS Guard and was looking forward to Regional competition next Saturday. She was also a freshman cheerleader.

Halie had another side to her as well. Yes, she loved dance, pageants and cheerleading, but she also loved riding horses, watching dirt bike racing and fishing. She also baited her own hook and took care of her own catch. She was also one that looked out for the "underdog." She had a soft spot in her heart for those not in a clique or that just were a little shy. She tried not to judge and she loved to have fun!

Survivors include her parents, Pam and Tony Hite, Brazil, her brothers Michael Stuckey, Matthew Stuckey, and Jacob Hite, all of Brazil, grandparents Bill Hite, Bloomington, Joe and Susan Daugherty, Phoenix, and great-grandma Vivian Mercurio, Phoenix, aunts and uncles Lori and Ernie Coscarelli, Phoenix, Jennifer Daugherty, Brazil, James and Cheryl Hite, Ft. Collins, Colo., Calvin and Marsha Hite, Bloomington, and Susan and Brian McIntosh, Brownsburg, Ind., "extra" mom Shelly Lambert, Brazil, many cousins and a huge group of friends.

She was preceded in death by her grandma Alice Marie Hite on Jan. 10, 2009.
Services will be held Monday, at 1 p.m., at the First Christian Church, 1875 W. U.S. Hwy 40, Brazil, with Brother Bill Brock officiating. Burial will follow at Clearview Cemetery. Visitation will be Sunday, from 3-8 p.m., at the Lawson-Miller Chapel, 1702 E. National Ave., Brazil, and one hour prior to services at the church. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Northview Band and Guard, 1 Knight Drive, Brazil, 47834.

Light a candle in her memory or sign her memorial page at

October 11, 2009

Mom sees value in daughter competing in pageants -

Here's a link to a great article about a young lady that participated in the NAM program; take a look and leave a comment if you feel like it:
"Mom sees value in daughter competing in pageants"

Dawn Lymberopoulos helps her daughter Emily, 13, as she does homework at their home in Maryville.
(John L. White/P-D)By Amy Bertrand

October 1, 2009

New wallpapers on

Check out the new National American Miss backgrounds and screensavers for your computer! Enjoy :-)

Miss California Volunteers her time to cheer up hospital patients

Check out Jaylianna Twardecki, your Northern California National American Miss Princess Queen! She spent part of a day visiting the Folsom Convalescent Hospital last week. She helped the residents with bingo, sang to some, visited others, and made cards for several of the patients. Jaylianna said "I just wanted to cheer them up!" Her mom said that they all seemed really happy to have visitors and loved talking with Jaylianna.

That was really nice of you Jaylianna to take time to visit them; I'm sure you accomplished your goal and cheered them all up!

September 24, 2009

California Teen Queen recognized on school website

Archbishop Mitty High School - Home: "Congratulations to senior Kylie Kucinski who was crowned Miss California in the National American Miss pageant this summer. National American Miss is a nationwide program that focuses on developing young women to become tomorrow's leader."

September 23, 2009

NAM Jr. Pre-Teen California Queen raises money for the American Cancer Society

This is a great article about your Northern California Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Sydney Ricks. Sydney is going into the fifth grade at Edna Batey Elementary School and was recently nominated by the schools staff as their "educational partner" for her volunteer work. She has the opportunity to be recognized during the Elk Grove Unified School District Board meeting where she also led the pledge of allegiance.

Here is an excerpt from the article pictured here; this is how he nomination read: "Syndey Ann ricks has been a student at Edna Batey elementary School since kindergarten and is about to embark on her fifth grade year. She thoroughly enjoys going to school and learning more from the excellent staff.

During her fourth grade year, Sydney Ann came upon an opportunity to make a difference for those with cancer. Her four-year-old friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been undergoing very specialized treatment in Boston. In addition, her uncle passed away to cancer this year. As a result, she was inspired to find a way to donate money toward finding a cure. After approaching the Edna Batey administration she initiated the Coins for the Cure fundraiser at her school. She encouraged the classes to donate spare change toward finding the cure in honor of her fiend and uncle. After many hours of counting change, Sydney was able to represent her school at the Elk Grove Relay for Life and donated $1,318 to the American Cancer Society in hopes of finding a cure."

Great job Sydney, we are so proud to have you representing National American Miss!!

August 18, 2009

NAMiss Cover Girl gives back in NJ at the Walk for a Cure and the Salvation Army

These are pictures from Kayla Da Cruz out in New Jersey. Kayla is your National American Miss Jr. Pre Teen Cover Girl from New Jersey as well as a the National Cover Miss for Jr Pre Teen! Achieving the National Cover Miss title is quite an accomplishment. Kayla also was voted Miss Personality at last years state show, no surprise there! :-)

Kayla and her mom formed a team to participate in a walk for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer (Walk for A Cure) in their hometown of Newark NJ on April 26, 2009. Kayla not only walked but worked hard to raise funds for this very important organization. Here is a link to the Susan B. Komen website if you would like to find an event near you:
Her mom wrote to me and shared that "Kayla also approached The Salvation Army Ironbound Boys and Girls Club with the desire to help the youth in our community by collecting children's books for donation to their program. During the course of 1 month Kayla collected and donated 63 books that are going to be used in the after school program, and will help provide the children of this community with the essential tools needed for a successful, bright future. Kayla enjoys helping her community and loves to motivate others to do the same."

This first picture is from the Walk for a Cure and the second is Kayla donating books to The Boys & Girls Club of America. That is Kayla with the Executive Director Richard Partyka. The books and bears program is done at every National American Miss state show nation wide. It would be hard to count how many books and bears are donated to different organizations each year from NAM but I can tell you that it is enough to fill an entire library! Thanks for your help Kayla and your willingness to work hard serving others.