December 22, 2008

Holiday Success!

Happy Monday morning to everyone in our NAM family and Merry Christmas! I received a fun e-mail a few days ago from Marina Furuta, Agency Director for a local modeling and talent agency in Los Angeles. She was a part of our 2008 pageant and was a wonderful addition to the event.

Marina e-mailed me to let me know that one of our girls, Cheyenne Morschl-Villa, who participated in our California pageant last year was cast in a Hasbro commercial that is airing on the cartoon network over the holiday season. Way to go Cheyenne!

There were also four other young ladies that Marina met at our event that she has signed; hopefully we will be seeing some work from them in the future!

I want to emphasize something right up front as I share this in case we have famlies reading who have not yet participated in our program. National American Miss is not about becoming famous or being the next Hannah Montana; Our focus is on building young ladies self-confidence, giving them opportunities to learn, grow and shine on stage and most of all, having fun. (And I think we do a fantastic job at it!)

I commend all of the young ladies that participate in our program and celebrate your successes in all different area's of life. Have a great week everyone and remember the reason for the season. :-)

If you have a great story about NAM or something you are doing in your community please let me know. You may e-mail anytime at

Thought for the day: "Make your space beautiful. Clean your room. Organize. It's hard to be peaceful when you are surrounded by chaos. A calm, orderly room can make you feel better about yourself. Plus you'll be able to find the clothes you want, and they won't be rolled up in a wad under your bed!" ~American Girl

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