November 7, 2008

Life Skills

Having confidence in yourself is such an easy thing to say, but deep down do you really have that confidence?  It can be like buying a pair of running shoes because you're going to start running every day but you just end up wearing them to the mall while you shop because they are comfortable!  Your confidence has to come from within.  In order to have confidence in yourself you have to identify specific traits that you know you can be proud of.  Each of us have certain "life skills" that we can use to have an impact on others.  Let's take a minute here and find out what some of yours are.

Can you juggle, shuffle cards, or swing a baseball bat like nobody's business?  Do you love to read, have a knack for drawing or maybe an exceptional amount of patients and an ability to be a great listener?  To help identify your talents, start by making a list of the things you really enjoy doing!  Look at your daily habits, how you spend your time and think about which activities are the most fun for you.  Once you have your list, go back through and look at each item and ask yourself why it is you enjoy doing that so much.  Chances are, it's because you have a talent for it!

Your talents don't have to be anything like holding the school record in the 100 meter dash.  They can be simple things like an ability to do a great handstand or being the best at painting flowers on your fingernails!  Once you discover a few of your talents, share them with others!  Knowing that you are a talented individual, and every single one of you is, will give you that inner confidence that we talked about earlier.  

National American Miss is about helping girls build and discover confidence within themselves.  To develop life skills and to use them!  Look back on your experience with the pageant and find things that you are so proud of yourself for accomplishing!  I know you all learned something about yourself at the pageant, now what I want you to do is to share it!

Wednesday I talked about getting out and making a difference in your local communities.  Read through the comments that people are writing back; the great ideas that are being shared.  If you have some ideas, please share them as well!  Now that you have identified some of your life skills, the things that make you special, think about how you can use them to impact people around you.  Your friends, your family or even complete strangers.

Give it a shot.  I think you will be amazed at how receptive people are when you reach out and offer your talents.  Plus, it can be a whole lot of fun!  Remember, you are talented, you are special; now go share your talents with the world!

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