November 17, 2008

Indiana Princess Queen - Claire Leuking

National American Miss is at it again!  Here are a few pictures from our reigning Indiana Princess Queen, Claire Leuking, making a difference in her community.  Here is what Claire's mom Michelle had to say:

"The blankets we made for the "Blankets of Belief" holiday project through the Soldiers Angles program. (  These are no sew blankets that we decorated quilt squares and attached with no sew bonding. (as you can see the "no sew"  theme is a big hit at our home!)  These blankets will be sent to soldiers who are overseas and away from their families for the holidays .  We made two blankets as a family and Claire and her sister, Taylor, each made a decorated quilt by involving their school classes.  Each student decorated a square and we attached them at home. 

Claire has also been involved in raising money to start an animal shelter in a nearby community.  She helped to make and sell tickets for wreaths that were raffled off to raise money for the shelter.  She also made homemade gourmet doggie treats to be sold to help raise money as well. 

Claire also participated in the 1st annual Autism walk in our hometown.  She was part of the Toys R Us team and helped to raise money for this worthy cause which affects some of her fellow class mates at school."

Great stuff by the Leuking family!  I especially like the picture of Claire with the dog treats; admit it, you thought they looked like pretty good cookies too until you read the story.  :-)  

There are opportunities every day to give back in your local community as well.  Maybe Claire gave you a good idea of something to try in your home town.  Way to go Claire.  We are so proud to have you representing NAMiss!

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