November 3, 2008

Advice to help get ready for the National Pageant

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween last Friday.  It's the third day of November and we are only 3 weeks away from our 2008 National Pageant in California!  Congratulations again to those of you who have qualified and are planning to attend Nationals; it is going to be an amazing week.  

If you have never attended our National Pageant it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to prepare.  Do you have everything you need, are you forgetting something, are you practicing the right things, have you signed up for all of the activities that you are interested in, which hotel are you staying in?  These are just a few of the questions that I have heard this year from families. 

Good news!  Over the last week I have been gathering input from families that attended our National Pageant last year.  As they say, hindsight is 20/20 so here are a few of the things these families recommend to make sure you are completely prepared for your trip to Nationals!  

- Lay your clothes out and put all your accessories for each outfit in baggies so you make sure you have all the details you want to have.

- Get plenty of sleep. 

- Get the most out of the week and participate in the extra activities like wacky hair and pajama rehearsals and plan ahead accordingly. 

- Think about bringing a sewing kit and portable steamer for last minute needs. 

- Don’t try new lotions, etc. that you might have a reaction to.  Stick to what you know. 

- Enjoy the time, when its over and you’re not participating you will really miss it.  When your getting ready sometimes you get stressed out and take the opportunity for granted and don’t live in the moment but try to as you never know when you will get to do it again. 

- Give your brothers and sisters some attention.  That week is all about you and sometimes they feel left out.  Also, try and find a way to make it fun for them and/or ask for their help.  

- Bring some type of business card as you will make a lot of friends and you will be giving out your contact information a lot during the week. 

- If your flying consider carrying on all of your competition stuff.  If you have 3 people traveling, use three carry-ons and put all your stuff in it.  Then you can relax and know the airlines won’t lose your stuff. 

- If you haven’t been in touch with your sister queens, consider getting in contact with them and find time to spend with them during the week.  They will be your friends for your lifetime. 

- Remember to thank your mom and dad.  It’s a family effort to get you to nationals and they deserve a thank you. 

- If there are any costume events like 50’s or 70’s, consider going to a Halloween store the day after Halloween as costumes are really cheep then. 

- The best advice I would have is to attend as many functions as possible. The week really goes by so fast and it is something your child will remember forever. Maci still talks about Nationals and all of the friends she met. It's really all about having fun. 

- Most of the girls bring something small to pass out to all the girls such as pictures, business cards, a lucky penny etc. I would suggest purchasing some sort of address book / autograph book to keep for all your new friends contact information. Just remember to cherish every moment and HAVE FUN! 

- Practice, practice, practice!  I felt my daughter had the natural beauty, ability to speak to people and a good personality but I felt we did not prepare enough to compete on this high level.  Watch video’s of last years National pageant and work on your personal introduction and interview skills in particular.  The competition is tough! 

- Stay at the hotel and hang out with other girls as much as you can! MAKE BONDS! Have fun! It's not about winning or losing, it's about having fun! And give your information so you can keep in touch with all your new sissies!

- And to the parents: Express verbally to your child how extremely proud you are of her, all week, every day! If and when she stumbles on her dress, or her words, don't talk about it at all! Just focus on the positive, because you don't want her to dwell on what she did wrong, but rather what she did right, so it carries out in her self-esteem not only during pageant times, but throughout her life at school, home and extracurricular activities. Teach them to be a good sport, especially by example! Help other girls and tell them if their stockings have a run, offer to help them zip up, and always say how great they did too!

- READ the newsletters they send because it's full of information that probably answers most if not all of the questions you have already stirring up inside. 

- Bring extra hangers and if possible, a small portable garment rack for clothes and gowns in the dressing rooms. 

- Other than that, I would have to say, enjoy yourself because you may never get this kind of opportunity again.

Hopefully these ideas will be helpful to you as you prepare.  Feel free to e-mail me or call our office anytime for more helpful tips.  


  1. Great Blog!! Even though we aren't attending this year. Our thoughts and prayers to our pageant family for a safe and rewarding week. Love, Emily Flukes family in Northern California

  2. Great information!!!! Thank You Brian. Unfortunately this year our girls could not attend we hope to be better next year for sure for the State of california and may be National if the economy is better with us...

    Thank you,
    Dominique for Felyjos & Michelle proud to be part of NAMiss

  3. Thank you for your feedback - more great advice has been pooring in from previous Nationals cometitors. I will add new information next week for everyone to read as they prepare! Please feel free to post any helpful hints that you may have for girls planning to attend the National Pageant this year.