October 30, 2008

Indiana Pre-Teen Queen, Anna Garry

I received an e-mail yesterday from the family of our Indiana Pre-Teen Queen Anna Garry.  I love receiving e-mails like this.  She included the following pictures of Anna at two different events:

 1)  The picture on top is of Anna at an event sponsored by Radio Disney for Girl Power.  The program empowers girls to be the best they can be, promotes good eating habits, how to be a good friend and other wonderful traits for young ladies.  Sounds like a wonderful event to me.  Anna, and any once else reading this blog, anytime you come across events like this in your home town, or if you feel really ambitious and want to put on an event like this yourself, let me know.  I would love to put the power of NAM behind anything that helps empower young ladies! 

2)  The picture on the bottom is Anna donating books and bears to the kids at Riley Children's Hospital.  Anna's family says "Anna so enjoys giving to those that are less fortunate and spending time with children helping them by putting a smile on their face.  Anna's always good for a few laughs.  Anna spent the day with critically ill children at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis giving them stuffed animals that her sister queens collected at their state pageant as their volunteer service achievement.  The children say, "Thank you NAM, for giving me something to hug after I had my teeth were taken out"".   

Nicely done Anna!  We are so proud of you for getting out and making a difference in those kids lives.  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, only one more day until Halloween!

October 29, 2008

Real Beauty

One of the biggest difference between National American Miss and what the average person thinks of a pageant being is our focus on what I call "Real Beauty."  As you know, NAM does not have a swimsuit competition, we do not allow make-up on our participants ages 12 and under and 60% of their overall pageant score is based on communication skills.  (Personal Introduction and Interviews) When we talk about beauty, we are not talking about outward beauty, we are talking about that beauty that is found within yourself!

Real beauty is the knowledge the you like yourself and that you are proud of who you are; just the way you are!  It comes from your heart and is displayed in the ways you treat others, the ways you speak about others both when they can hear you and when they cannot.  I remember a quote from one of our competitors in Spokesmodel who was speaking of strong character of the heart.  She said "it's having lips that speak strongly when you're pushed around and gently when someone else has been."  So true.  

Remember that the most beautiful trait you can have is confidence!  Take some time today and find the things that you like best about yourself and let them shine!  Every one is made special in their own way with unique talents and abilities that others do not possess.  Discover what yours are and make an effort to use them to make a difference in the life of someone else today.  

October 25, 2008

The Sturgill's give back

Today I would like to set the tone for this blog; I would like to celebrate the wonderful giving hearts that a group of young ladies demonstrated as they gave back to their local community.  

As a state director for National American Miss it is my hope that the lessons taught and experiences gained during the weekend of our program will carry on in the day-to-day lives of the participants.  Here is one small but shining example of this taking place!

This is a picture of Hailey Sturgill, our 2008 Miss Washington Pre-Teen queen with a group of family and friends, also NAM participants, as they unload boxes of children's books and stuffed animals to give to the Hopelink organization.  Hopelink's motto:  "Helping People.  Changing Lives."  Way to go girls!  Great job getting out into the community and taking your time to give back.

Hailey and her two sisters, Gabriella and Lauren (also pictured above) all participated in the 2008 Washington State pageant - talk about keeping their mother Julie on her toes!

Congratulations these young ladies and their willingness to give back.  It is my dream that National American Miss would operate year round making a difference in people lives all across our communities.  Thank you to these girls for making a difference on this day.